Life isn't fair so repeat this line: "everything, everything is fine." ✖

"I shouldn’t even be writing this. I wrote this days ago. Im sorry I’m lying, i didn’t write it, it was a thought. Something I’ve been wanting to say to you for a while and i have no idea why i haven’t given up on someone who gave up on me already. The weeks have gone by and I’m still here crying over you like a fool. I really look pathetic. I mean, i assumed something so stupid. I have problems. I just hate the thought of someone else with you only because anyone else would be better than me. God all i can keep thinking is that i regret not being able to have trusted you the way you wanted me to. Towards the end i trusted you but of course i became reckless with words and blindsided by jealousy. I lost all control. That lead up to losing you. I did the stupid thing of falling in love with you so hard and so fast instead of showing you first that you had my trust. I should have let you earn my trust first, but there were things done that made it hard for me to make decisions and i forgot as the days went by, to remind myself you weren’t the same person from the beginning, but that you changed and turned into someone i could never forget. And god i was so stupid and these are very hard words for me to say. I just hope you are at least doing well as i hope that someday i will change even more and become a better person so that maybe someday i could find someone like you. Although that would be impossible. I wont ever meet anyone nearly as wonderful as you. Not like the you i got to know. That person i got to know was incredible, impeccable . Also the last thing i loved. I apologize for everything. Wish nothing but the best for you and your future."

"I care. It terrifies me how much I care."

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